How a Diamond Buyer in Edmond Appraises Diamonds

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


If you are looking to sell diamonds close to you to a diamond buyer in Edmond, the buyer will assess the stones on four different categories. The assessment of diamonds is largely standardized by years of experience. The four criteria are often called “the four Cs.” They are color, cut, clarity, and carats. They are the determining factor in how much a stone is worth.

The Carats

The carats reflect the weight of a diamond. While they are often the most important factor when trying to sell a diamond nearby, they’re not always the most important factor to a diamond buyer. A large low-quality diamond is not necessarily worth more than a small high-quality diamond to a retailer such as Absolute Diamond and Gold Buyers.

If you’re looking for where to sell my jewelry, make sure you consider a buyer who deals with diamonds specifically. They will be able to judge the carats and pay you the highest prices paid for gold and diamonds. A gold buyer will often buy the entire piece of jewelry.


The cut of a diamond is the shape that is has been cut into. There are standard cuts and ones that are proprietary to different companies. Judged on the complexity and the desirability, different cuts are worth different amounts of money in your area. A diamond buyer near you will tell you which cuts are fashionable.

Color and Clarity

The color and clarity of a diamond are very important. A diamond should be very clear with only a few inclusions. Inclusions are imperfections in the diamond. They make the diamond look real but too many can occlude the clarity. The color can differ in different diamonds. There are diamonds in just about every color, depending on the material that was compressed to form the diamond. Some colors are worth more than others although the clarity is often the most important factor in any diamond that you want to sell.

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