How to Find a Reputable Coin Dealer in OKC

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2017


A coin dealer is an expert on the buying and selling of coins. He has detailed information and industry knowledge of rare coins. Though there are a lot of coin dealers in the market, finding one that is experienced, reliable and follows the ethics of the profession is a challenging task. Such coin dealers should ensure that all dealings with clients are done in accordance with fair-minded business practices. The dealer must also have a good reputation among his peers and the coin industry and must be a member of or recognized by the ANA (American Numismatic Association). He should also be a good standing member of the PNG (Professional Numismatists Guild). How does one go about finding a Coin Dealer in OKC who meets these requirements? The following are tips that will help individuals to find coin dealers that are reputable and honest.

Individuals who are members of coin clubs can request from fellow members the contacts of the coin dealer they patronize. Since these members have dealt with such dealers in the past, they will give an accurate review of the dealer’s services and provide much-needed insight into his reputation. Even if one is not a coin club member, a lot of these clubs can be contacted through their social media handle or the internet. Reach out to them and ask for recommendations on the best coin dealers in the neighborhood. Some forums such as Coin Community and CoinTalk can provide recommendations on widely known and nationally recognized coin dealers.

Every coin dealer should abide by the ethics of the coin trading profession, but there are dealers who engage in unscrupulous practices that are designed to rip off clients who come to them. These kinds of dealers can be detected by checking out their ratings on the BBB. It is recommended that individuals use the services of dealers listed on the BBB. Ensure that there is no negative feedback on the dealer’s profile. If one wants to purchase coins on eBay, the feedback ratings of the dealer is a good way to determine his reputation. Coin dealers with low feedback scores and low ratings should be avoided. Individuals looking for a Coin Dealer in OKC should ensure that they follow the above tips. They can also visit  to find the best coin dealers in town.

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