How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Live Oak, FL Can Help You Get What You Deserve

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


Any accident that happens on the highway has the potential to be deadly, or at the very least, cause serious injuries. It is even worse when the accident involves a motorcycle, as there is very little protection. A motorcycle accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL helps clients who have been involved in such accidents. Here are some of the things those in motorcycle accidents should know about the law in Florida.

Dealing with Who Is at Fault

The primary thing to deal with in a motorcycle accident is determining who was actually at fault. Florida is one of those states that applies the comparative fault rule, which means that there are factors that must be addressed to determine who was at fault and how much. The state will assign the percentage of fault to the injured motorcycle rider. The injured rider must also realize there is a statute of limitations to filing a lawsuit.

Deciding If a Lawsuit Is Available

A person injured in a motorcycle accident may want to file a lawsuit, but first they must determine if they are able to even do so. In order to file a lawsuit, the injury must be severe and permanent. Other reasons to file a lawsuit are permanent and obvious scarring, and the loss of limbs or their use.

The Statute of Limitations

If it is found that the lawsuit can be filed for the motorcycle accident, the injured party must realize they have four years from the date of the injury and accident to do so. If the lawsuit is not filed in a civil court within that time frame, the opportunity to have the case heard will be gone. The injured party will not be able to be awarded damages.

The Attorney Who Can Help

The Law Office of Duane E. Thomas has been providing legal solutions for clients in the Live Oak, Florida area for over 42 years. Any motorcycle riders looking for a motorcycle accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL can contact this law firm. Visit for responsive and assertive service around the clock.

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