A Car Accident Lawyer in Ponte Vedra and Broadside Collisions

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2020


A car accident lawyer in Ponte Vedra may represent clients who have been seriously injured after their vehicle was struck in the side by another vehicle. Commonly called a T-bone accident, these collisions tend to occur when drivers run red lights or pull into traffic without looking carefully first. Sometimes the incident happens because an automobile’s brakes failed.

Determining Responsibility

Sometimes responsibility in these incidents is not obvious and there may not be any witnesses who saw what happened. After a serious collision, police officers will arrive at the scene shortly unless the incident happens along a quiet rural road. The police may not even be able to determine exactly what occurred and who is at fault. It might seem that the driver who struck the other car broadside is obviously in the wrong, but sometimes the car traveling through a red light is the one that is hit.

Conducting an Investigation

A car accident lawyer in Ponte Vedra has the team conduct an investigation to prove which driver had the right of way and to reconstruct the accident. That may be done by observing skid marks and tire tracks on grass or dirt alongside the road. The accident may have been caught on a surveillance camera in the vicinity. If the cause was brake failure, the driver should still be liable.

Consulting an Attorney

Since so many passenger cars do not yet have side airbags, injuries can be catastrophic. To consult with an attorney and ask questions, injured persons and their families may contact Canan Law.

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