How A Moving Company In Tacoma, WA Helps Military Families

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


In Washington, military families that are transitioning between duty station need professional moving services. These services reduce the stress involved with fast moves. For these families, time is of the essence since they often receive new orders without extensive notice. The details below highlight how a moving company in Tacoma, WA can hep these military families.

Setting Up the Transport or Shipping Date

The new orders define when the family must leave the area and arrive at their next duty station. This gives them a window of time in which to contact their preferred moving company. It also defines the full duration they have to manage these requirements. Moving companies that cater to these families understand how important it is to accommodate the needs of these families. For this reason, they provide transport or shipping date that is ahead of schedule.

Packing up the Entire Property

The movers manage all packing requirements for these families. They will arrive prior to the moving date to complete these requirements. They provide all packing materials for the family to reduce additional expenses. All packages are labeled properly to lower the work for the family when they arrive at their new home.

Storage Options As Needed

The moving companies provide storage options for these families as well. They offer a variety of storage units and warehouses to store these items. This is idyllic for families that could face delays to acquiring housing. The movers can schedule the delivery of their items once they find a permanent home.

Insurance for Added Protection

All military families receive additional protection for their items. However, they have the option to extend the coverage in case an accident happens. The additional coverage provides a higher payout if any items are damaged or are stolen during the transport.

In Washington, military families need all the assistance they can get. Local moving companies provide them with this help when they facing new orders. The companies provide complete packing and transport services for these families. Military families who need to hire a moving company in Tacoma, WA can contact Boush Moving Company for more information now.

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