How to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Bainbridge Island, WA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


When the temperature starts to rise during the summer, you probably notice your energy costs rising as well. Keeping your home a comfortable temperature is sometimes difficult if you also want to keep your costs low. However, there are ways to do so. You have to understand how the heat gets into your home to eliminate thermal bridges. Reducing the thermal bridging will reduce the cost of air conditioning during the summer.

Thermal Bridges

A thermal bridge is anywhere in your home that allows heat to pass into or out of your home. During the summer, the concern is obviously heat coming into your home. The heat comes into your home through windows even when they are closed. Glass is not a very good insulator, which is how heat gets in. Heat also comes in through what are called intentional punctures.

Intentional punctures are areas in your home containing holes to the outside. If they are not properly sealed, they will increase the cost of air conditioning in Bainbridge Island, WA. Intentional punctures are pipes and vents that need to be sealed properly.

Intentional Punctures

The cost of air conditioning is dependent on how much heat passes into and out of your home. If you have punctures such as for water pipes and sewer lines, they can also let your conditioned air escape. At Economy Hearth & Home, the experts can help you identify thermal bridges.

Once you identify the bridges, you can reduce the temperature loss. For example, research states as much as 40% of your temperature loss is through thermal bridges. So if you want to keep your air conditioner prices low, you need to seal up punctures with insulating foam. Furthermore, you need drapes or insulation around your windows to insulate them as well as possible.

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