How Can a Bail Bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma Help You?

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


In Oklahoma, beneficial services are available to defendants after they are arrested that include the opportunity to acquire release from county lockup. A local agent could provide these defendants with a bail bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma to be released today.

Providing a Reduced Rate for Release

A bail bond doesn’t require the defendant to pay the full value of the bail. The bond is based on a percentage of the bail value assigned by the judge. The bonding agent calculates these values for the defendant or their representative. The percentage required won’t exceed fourteen percent.

Quicker Release from County Lockup

A defendant that can acquire a bail bond can acquire quicker release from county lockup. The bonding agent could schedule their release once the bond is paid, including the weekend. The bonding agent can work with the county jail directly and secure release without major delays. Typically, defendants that are arrested on the weekend won’t get released until after their arraignment. However, a bonding agent can discuss the case with a judge and secure release by presenting the bond to the jail.

Using Alternative Options for Securing the Bond

The bonding agent accepts payments via checking accounts, credit cards, and cash. However, if the defendant or their representative don’t have the required value, they can use collateral instead. The bonding agent accepts real estate property, automobiles, and jewelry. The collateral must provide the bonding agent with a value that is at least the value of the required percentage.

Once the bonding agent receives the payment or collateral, they create the documents needed to acquire release. They present these documents to the judge or to the county jail. The defendant is released into their custody in most cases.

In Oklahoma, advantageous services are available through bail bonding agents to help criminal defendants get released from county lockup. Any defendant that is assigned a bail value by the judge can secure release. If they cannot afford the full bail value, they could acquire a bail bond. Defendants who need to secure a bail bond in Midwest City, Oklahoma should click here right now.

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