How Can Homeowners Help With Rodent Control in Middletown, NJ?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


It’s often fairly obvious when rodents have taken up residence in a home. They leave droppings, chew up food, plastic, and cloth for their nests, and often scurry across the same tracks at night when they are most active. When it comes to dealing with Rodent Control in Middletown NJ there are generally two camps: one calls a pest control company immediately to have every rodent removed from the home and get professional advice as to how to prevent them from coming back. The other camp buys endless traps, poisons, and ineffective deterrents for months while the colony continues to reproduce and grow, then breaks down and calls an exterminator anyway when their DIY attempts do not eradicate the problem. Even those who recognize immediately the need for professional intervention can take a few simple steps while they are waiting for much-needed help, though.

Remove Food Sources

Make sure that any food intended for human consumption or garbage that may contain food scraps is sealed up tight. That doesn’t mean put it in a plastic bag, or even cheap plastic Tupperware. Mice and rats can smell the food through plastic and can easily chew holes in all but the heaviest plastic. They are often not above digging through the trash looking for a meal either, so be sure to buy a lidded trash can.

Pay Attention to Patterns

When the pest control technician arrives, he or she will need to know details in order to decide upon a course of action. Paying attention to any activity and writing it down can help an exterminator decide where to place traps and what other actions to take. Remove anything that’s being stored beneath the kitchen sink, above the refrigerator, or anyplace that has seen frequent rodent activity prior to his or her arrival as well.

Clean Regularly

Even with the help of an experienced professional, Rodent Control in Middletown NJ sometimes takes a while. Keeping the areas frequented by rodents clean of old droppings and any other old signs of activity can help technicians tell if there are still rodents active in the home.

Although all of these steps can help to keep rodent problems in check, the most important step of all is to find a qualified pest control specialist. Click Here to learn more, or call today for a free estimate.

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