Don’t Wait, Call Local Service Providers For Help With Heat Pumps in Portland

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2017


Winter may have come to a close in some regions, but it won’t be long until homeowners start thinking about running their heating appliances once again. Cooling appliances may be the biggest concern for homeowners at the moment, so a semi-annual service visit may be needed anyways. Most service providers recommend at least two visits per year in order to keep heating and cooling appliances running strong. The thing is, both appliances should be serviced. In the case of central air units, they are one and the same. Heat Pumps in Portland serve homeowners when temperatures drop, while the cooling unit helps maintain temperatures during the Summer. If the cooling unit contains a heat pump, both parts can be serviced at the same time. This saves time and money for the homeowner, but it might mean more work for the service provider.

Units that contain both cooling and heating components are often referred to as reverse cycle units. These appliances are very efficient, but they need to be serviced regularly in order to remain efficient and effective. The appliance will need to be checked for mechanical issues in order to make sure air is being moved effectively. Electrical issues are more common since these components do the most work. Wear and tear on these components could cause the unit to work less efficiently or not work at all. Wiring to the appliance will need to be checked for faults and damage. Unreliable wiring could stop the unit from working or even be a fire hazard.

The only thing left to check once the appliance and wires have been checked are the ducts. Some people would say the ducts are more important that the Heat Pumps in Portland. While the heat pump is what provides warm air, it’s useless if the air isn’t reaching the home. Holes and gaps in the duct work could be completely wasting the energy used by the appliance.  Two visits per year could save hundreds of dollars in energy costs and keep the appliance running for many years.

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