How Effective Is a Trenchless Pipe Repair?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


When you need to repair burst sewer pipes or other underground pipes, trenchless pipe repair in Locust Grove is a popular option. This repair method is just as effective as a traditional replacement and it requires a lot less work. Depending on the companies available in your area, you may find a broad range of expertise with the method.

Better Than Traditional Trenching

Trenchless repair is usually much more cost-effective than a traditional replacement method. With traditional repair, a large trench must be dug into your yard. This means that everything from landscaping, hardscaping and driveways may have to be destroyed if they are near the area requiring the trench. It can cost a large sum of money when you consider labor and materials, plus your yard must be restored afterward.

Traditional trenching is also tedious in that you must have permits, approval and traffic control for the location that will be cut off while the repair is in progress. The process can take days, depending on the size of the replacement, and it can be distracting for everyone involved.

With trenchless pipe repair in Locust Grove, much of the hassle is gone. This is a modern method that uses specialized processes to handle the job without tearing up your yard or making you wait days for the resolution. It is a method that many homeowners are not aware of, largely because it is so new.

Types of Trenchless Replacement

There are two major types of trenchless pipe repair: pipe-lining and pipe-bursting. With a pipe lining solution, a flexible tube that is coated in a resin is pulled or blown into the pipe that has been damaged. The pipe is then inflated before it is allowed to harden. Once the resin is hard, the new pipe stays within the old one. One of the advantages of this method is that it is corrosion resistant and it has no joints.

Pipe bursting involves pulling a large cone shape head through the old line, which breaks apart the old line. The new line is put in place at the same time.

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