How the Volvo S60 Combines Comfort, Class and Safety

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Automotive


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Keeping your family safe on the road is important to any driver. Whether you have young children, a car packed with people or it’s just you and your spouse, a comfortable, stylish and safe family vehicle is the number one priority when shopping for a car.

Enter the S60

Too often, buying a safe car can mean buying a boring car. Parents often bemoan the loss of the sleek, stylish cars of their youth when they start buckling up babies and toddlers. It’s a sacrifice most are happy to make, but it doesn’t mean they don’t wish they could have it all.

With Volvo vehicles, you can. The Volvo S60 offers the best in both sleek, modern design and world-class comfort and safety for the entire family. Combining the stylings of a touring car and a coupe, this compact sedan keeps a low profile on the road while standing out among its peers in the parking lot. What’s more, the model doesn’t compromise the class of a professional or family car for the sake of safety, comfort and sleek style; with Volvo, you can have it all!

Eco-Friendly, Too!

Some Volvo S60 cars are now available with the option to fuel with either natural gas-derived petroleum alternatives or diesel fuel. This can not only save international drivers money on fuel costs, it also offers an emissions rating that drivers can feel good about. Volvo engines can also be optimized with a feature that convert harmful, ground-level ozone gas into pure, breathable oxygen – making their emissions footprint almost non-existent! If you’re looking for a car that does a whole lot of good, look no further than this versatile Volvo model.

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