How to Clean Your Mattress

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


When it comes to your mattress cleaning, it can be a hassle. Sure, you can just throw you blankets and sheets into the washer, and they will be fine, but you cannot just wash a mattress. There are also other issues with cleaning your mattress such as the possibility of using too much cleaner and causing mildew from the moisture trapped in the mattress. Here are a few tips for cleaning your Tempur-Pedic mattress in Lafayette.

Vacuum First

The first thing you will always want to do when you are cleaning your mattress is vacuum it very well. There can be a lot of dirt and dust built up on the surface of the mattress, not to mention dead skin cells and whatever else is left over. Use a good vacuum with a hose to get into all of the folds in the mattress.

Spot Treating Stains

If you are cleaning your mattress, then chances are it is to get out a stain or for a scheduled cleaning. Either way, it is likely that you will need to remove a stain, so when you do use a combination of dish soap, baking powder, and hydrogen peroxide. Mix these in a spray bottle and spray them onto the stain then scrub it with a fine brush or rag. Reapply and repeat as needed, but try not to use too much cleaner. It will take the mattress that much longer to dry.

Final Treatment

The last thing you should do, before a final vacuuming, is sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda onto the mattress and let it sit for several hours. The baking soda will absorb any odors and leftover moisture from the mattress. This will not only get rid of old smells but will help keep new ones from forming.

Now just vacuum your mattress once more, and you are done.

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