Promotional Products in Bellingham, WA to Consider in a Direct Mail Campaign

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


If a business owner feels as though their mailing results are not as good as they used to be, it may be the right time to “mix things up” a bit. The best way to overcome a slump is to send out a mailing that is completely different than the ones sent in the past. One of the best ways to do this is by including some type of quality Promotional Products in Bellingham WA.

Since sending something in the mail requires a business owner to consider a few factors-;such as weight, shape, and size-;it is often a challenge to find that one, appealing product. Some tips to help get any business started can be found here.

Imprinted Objects

Business owners can imprint their contact information and logo on different everyday items. For example, they can send magnet cards with reference information, bookmarks, and pens. All these items can be imprinted so each time they are used the user thinks of the business and what they offer. These are easy to create and affordable to mail, which makes them the ideal Promotional Products in Bellingham WA for a direct mail campaign.

Microfiber Items

A microfiber cleaning cloth for electronic devices is extremely valued. Have the cloth imprinted with the business name and a clever tagline. Other options would be a microfiber glasses, a sunglasses pouch, or a microfiber glasses cleaning cloth.

Seasonal Items

Businesses can easily and affordably take advantage of the season by choosing certain promotional items. For example, in the spring, they can send sunflower-shaped jars or seed cards. During the holidays, consider sending collapsible bows or other types of gift packaging material. For football season, consider sending the local sports schedules out to customers.

With the right promotional items, any direct mail campaign can be successful. There are a few tips listed here, but the options are only limited by the imagination of the business owner.Finding the right item can help boost sales and revenues for any business.

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