How To Find A Wheaton Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Mar, 2016


If you have been injured or harmed as the result of a car accident or something that happened while you were working at your job, or if you were injured somewhere through no fault of your own, then you might be able to get compensation for the injuries that you have suffered. But before you talk to anyone who may be responsible for your injury you need to consult with a Wheaton personal injury lawyer first. They will help you understand what your options are and determine how you want to proceed. When you are hiring a lawyer there are a few things you will want to ask to determine if they are the right fit for you.

Questions to Ask Your Wheaton Personal Injury Lawyer

When you talk to a lawyer it is always a good idea to have a list of questions to ask to learn more about them and understand how they can help you. Writing things down will help you stay organized when you meet with your attorney.

  1. What is Your Law Specialty – when you need a lawyer you want to make sure you get one that is the most qualified to handle your case. You will not want to hire a family practice lawyer to handle personal injury. Get someone who specializes in what you need.
  2. Have You Dealt with Cases Like Mine – if the lawyer has handled other cases similar to yours they will be better equipped to handle yours. This is not a hard and fast rule but it gives you something to think about.
  3. What is Your Track Record – does the lawyer have a history of winning cases? You want someone who is able to represent you and get the best possible settlement or decision in court. This is important information to get from an attorney.
  4. How Long Will This Take – while a lawyer is not always able to predict the exact length of time a case will take they should be able to give you an idea of what to expect and a basic timeline for your case.
  5. Will You Work Directly with Me – it is important for you to know if you will be working directly with the lawyer or if a paralegal or aid will be handling most of the details of your case.

When you meet with your lawyer you should get a good feeling as to whether they are going to be a good fit for you case of not.

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