The Importance of Mortgage Broker Bonds in Arizona

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


The mortgage broker bonds in Arizona are types of surety bonds that guarantee a mortgage broker is going to comply with all state set requirements and regulations. Much like any other bond, these work as three-party agreements that go between the obligee, or consumer, principal, the actual mortgage broker, and the company that provides the surety bond. The function of the bond is to serve as a source of protection for any consumer who is getting a mortgage with the assistance of a mortgage broker. If the consumer experiences any type of harm, financially speaking, due to the actions of a mortgage broker, the surety will be able to compensate the losses they suffered.

The rates for a mortgage broker bond and the renewal dates vary. However, if a mortgage broker wants to offer services to several different states, they will have to acquire a bond for each state according to the laws that have been set by the particular state.

The most important fact that determines the actual cost of the surety bond is the broker’s personal credit score. For those who have good credit, they will only pay between one and four percent of the actual total amount of the bond.

Over time, the mortgage broker can also reduce the cost of the Mortgage Broker Bonds in Arizona. This can be done by improving the credit rating, providing proof of liquid assets, business statements or strong financial health, or working with a certified surety bond agency.

Those who have bad credit can still get a bond, but it will cost more and take more time to acquire. Also, many consumers may not want to work with a broker who does not have a healthy credit rating, which is something that should be considered by all parties involved.

More information about mortgage bonds, their importance, and how to get them can be found by contacting the staff from Southwest Bond Services. Taking the time to do this will pay off in the long run. Mortgage brokers will find these bonds are necessary and that keeping up with them is absolutely essential.

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