How to Find the Best Tachometer Repairs in Phoenix, AZ

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


Virtually everybody who drives a car knows what a speedometer is, and hopefully they use that instrument to follow the rules of the road pertaining to speed! Another common gauge that is as prevalent as a speedometer but not as well known is the tachometer. These gauges measure the rotation speed of an engine’s crankshaft and display it in revolutions per minute, or RPM’s. Tachometers have been around just as long as speedometers, and for those of you who were wondering, tachometer evolved from the Greek words tachos, which means speed; and metron, which means measure.

For those in the southwest that may need new gauges or repairs on existing gauges, you can find quality service and pricing at Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. They specialize in tachometer repairs in Phoenix AZ, as well as within the immediate area. One thing vehicle owners should strive for when looking for services or repairs on gauges is dependable and experienced service technicians who are reputable. They also need to know there will be a prompt turnaround with honest rates quoted. It is best to find certified technicians with deep experience in the installation and repair of tachometers and other related gauges and equipment.

Besides tachometer repairs in Phoenix AZ, there is a large demand to have speedometers and cluster repair done as well. This includes the repair of speedometer cables and instrument clusters. Speedometers need to run accurately because if they do not, the alternative could be that you, or family members, are driving at higher than legal speeds, and that can add up to higher insurance premiums due to surcharges. If you have a broken fuel gauge, that can result in you, or your family members, being stranded at some point, perhaps in unsafe locations or in the middle of severe weather conditions. Your oil gauge is of critical importance because if your engine ever seized, the alternative could be having to get a new vehicle.

The tachometer needs to be in the good working condition in order to ensure all fuses are operating properly, and that there are no faulty wire connections or calibration issues. Some of the more modern tachometers are now digital as opposed to analog, and when the tachometer is not on the display, it could signal something to repair as easy as the light emitting diode (LED) display.

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