Removing Rust From An Iron Fence in Temecula

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2016


An iron fence will provide an attractive border around a vegetable garden or flowerbed. This type of material is durable, but can become rusted after being exposed to humid or moist conditions for several years. Some basic steps can be taken to restore the beauty of an Iron Fence Temecula. A fence’s surface needs to be cleaned with soapy water and a stiff-bristled scrub brush. During the cleaning process,
flecks of rust or paint may fall off of the fence’s surface.

After stains have been removed from a fence, any soapy residue can be removed with a steady stream of water. A fence needs to be dry before rust spots are sanded. A hand sander or electric sander can be used to effectively eliminate rust spots. Course grit paper should be attached to a sander to begin the sanding process. Once a fence’s surface feels smooth, a piece of fine grit paper needs to be attached to a sander and the tool can be moved back and forth briefly over the same portions of a fence.

Once an iron surface is smooth, fine particles that were left behind by sandpaper can be removed with a lint-free cloth. To protect an iron fence from becoming rusted in the future, a clear coat of paint that contains a rust inhibitor can be applied to the fence. This type of product can be sprayed or rolled onto a fence’s surface. If a fence contains any intricate details, a thin paintbrush can be used to cover them with a coat of paint. Once the protective layer dries, an iron fence will not be susceptible to damage.

If an Iron Fence Temecula has been exposed to seasonal weather conditions and has become severely damaged, Mesa Fence Co. or another fencing specialist can assist. Repairs will be made to a fence so that it is restored to its original condition. Fence specialists can be hired to install new fences or add an extension to an existing fence. Examples of finished products can be viewed by visiting a fencing company’s website. When a customer decides to Browse Site, they may become inspired by some of the pictures they see and decide how they would like to transform their property.

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