How to Order a Healthier Pizza

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Pizza isn’t necessarily health food, as it can be quite high in calories and fat. But this doesn’t mean that to follow a healthy diet a person shouldn’t ever eat pizza. There are ways to make pizza a healthier option for those nights a family just needs a quick dinner.

Make the Crust Thin

A thin crust saves a lot of calories over a regular or thick-crust pizza. If a whole wheat crust is available, choose this, as the added fiber will helps make the pizza a more filling option,so people are less likely to overeat. It doesn’t make sense to waste a lot of calories on crust, when it’s usually the toppings people love about pizza.

Swap Meat for Veggies

The meats typically added to pizza, such as sausage and pepperoni, are loaded with fat and calories. Instead, top pizza with lots of vegetables. Vegetables make the pizza more filling while limiting the pizza’s calorie content because they take up a lot of space without containing a lot of calories. They also provide a number of essential nutrients, such as potassium and vitamin C. For those who can’t imagine eating a pizza without at least some meat, at least get a pizza topped with chicken instead of the fattier meat options. For example, Click Here to find some of the healthier options at Papa John’s in Hawaii, such as the Garden Fresh pizza or the Island Fresh & Chicken pizza, both of which can be good choices.

Smart Starters and Beverages

Pair pizza with a starter that helps keep calories down, such as a side salad, instead of one high in calories like cheese sticks or chicken strips. The salad will help fill you up, so you eat less of the higher-calorie foods on the plate, such as pizza. Drink water, unsweetened iced tea or diet soda to avoid adding liquid calories to your meal, as these don’t help fill you up at all or provide any essential nutrients.

Keep these considerations in mind next time you’re planning to order out from a pizza place, such as Papa John’s in Hawaii, and it’ll be easier to maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying a treat like pizza.

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