How Veteran Services in Davis, CA Stand Out From Traditional Funerals

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2014


When a veteran passes away, he or she is offered certain benefits as part of the appreciation for service rendered to the United States. While each one is still personalized to the deceased’s specifications, there are certain portions of Veteran services in Davis CA that stand out from the rest.

Honor Guard Detail

Every veteran discharged from the military outside of dishonorable circumstances, is eligible to have an honor guard detail present at the event. These representatives of the military always come in at least one pair with one being from the branch in which the deceased served. In some cases, these are active duty officers. Other times the individuals standing in as the honor guards are from the Reserves or the National Guard. These men or women perform certain parts of the funeral in order to honor the deceased veteran.

The United States Flag

During Veteran services in Davis CA, the flag of the United States of America is draped over the casket. This is another way in the country honors the man or woman that served in the military. At the conclusion of the service, the flag is precisely folded up by the honor guard and presented to the veteran’s family (the spouse, eldest child or next of kin). Twelve times the flag is folded until it can easily be held with just one hand. The folding as well as the presentation of the flag to the family is precise.


In the past, a lone bugler was responsible for playing Taps as a veteran was laid to rest. Today, few men and women play the bugle and so it has become acceptable for a recording of the sound to be played. In most cases, this is done at the gravesite as the members of the honor guard give the deceased his or her Final Salute.

Benefits are offered to veterans but they are not required. For example, a family can elect to have a military chaplain be present and perform the funeral services. Or, the family can choose to have a local minister or funeral home director handle the burial. A veteran’s funeral is always a respectful event that honors the man or woman who served the United States.

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