Ideas for Personalizing Caskets & Urns in Debary FL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2015


It can be difficult losing loved ones, but personalizing Caskets & Urns in Debary FL is a great way to preserve memories of them, especially if when it comes to urns. There are a variety of ways a burial container can be made to reflect the personality or life of the person resting inside. Here are a few of them.


Having a few words etched or written on the casket or urn is a great way to help ease the suffering of survivors by providing a few words of comfort. The sayings can be anything such as humorous things the person said frequently, religious text, parting words of wisdom, or quotes from the individual’s favorite books and songs. There are numerous online resources that provide quotes from famous people and other source material, which can be immensely helpful in choosing just the right words.

Religious, Cultural, and Secular Symbols

If the person belonged to a particular religious sect, adding symbols that brought the individual comfort in his or her life can bring hope to the people left behind. Another idea is to add cultural symbols. For example, if the person belonged to a Native American tribe, adding a symbol from the nation is an excellent way to show respect for the person’s heritage. There are also quite a few neutral symbols that can be used to honor loved ones who are atheist, agnostic, or simply didn’t belong to any particular religion.


A third option for personalizing the burial container is to add artwork. The artwork can be something as simple as repainting the coffin or urn to the person’s favorite color or as complex as painting a full mural. Illustrations of the deceased, drawings made by other loved ones, or meaningful pictures found from other sources are good ideas for images that can go on the burial container.

Personalizing Caskets & Urns in Debary FL can make the funeral a little more bearable and memorable for the people that attend as well as memorialize the decedent. For more information about this option or referrals to service providers, contact Baldauff Family Funeral Home & Crematory.

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