Implants In Short Hills NJ Can Restore Your Smile

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Missing teeth can cause a variety of problems for an individual including shifting of teeth, jaw pain, a poor ability to chew food, facial changes, and self-esteem or confidence. Missing teeth can be caused by illness, injury, decay and many other reasons. Implants in Short Hills NJ can eliminate the problem of one or several teeth missing in a smile.

Implants Instead Of Partial Dentures Or Bridges

Bridges and partial dentures are helpful in many situations, but implants do not have to be removed. Implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. Once an implant is inserted, it can be treated the same way as a natural tooth.

Is Everyone Able To Get A Dental Implant?

A dentist will perform a thorough examination of a patient’s jaw bone, gums, and overall oral health. In some situations, the bone might be too damaged for the post to fuse to the bone. In general, most patients who are missing teeth will be able to receive a dental implant by a highly-trained dentist.

How Long Does An Implant Take?

After the initial consultation to determine if a patient is eligible to receive an implant, CT scanning could be necessary during the visit. At the second visit, a patient will receive anesthesia, and the dentist will drill a tiny hole into the jaw bone. Healing will take approximately four to months for the titanium post to fuse to the jaw bone.

The Crown Application

When healing has been completed, a patient will return to the dentist office for a crown to be attached to the titanium post. The crown will be identical in color, size, and shape of the other natural teeth. A dental implant will not be noticeable because it will look identical to the other teeth.

Implants in Short Hills NJ are a great way to reduce the problem a missing tooth can cause you. You will never have to take it in or out of the mouth while you sleep, eat, or brush your teeth. Your self-esteem and confidence will be improved by eliminating a gap in your smile. For more information, please visit Westfield Oral Surgery for more information about improving your smile.

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