Improve Your IDN Strategy in 4 Ways

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Integrated delivery networks (IDNs) have already become a staple in the healthcare industry in the last few years. But poor management could doom your IDNs. If you want to play a critical role in treatment decisions, you will need to implement better strategies. Here are ways on how to improve your current one:

Identify your market

Better identification of your target market is important. A one-size-fits-all marketing strategy is not going to cut it. Since IDNs are regional entities, there is an urgent need to make sure that the marketing is customized and tailored to local stakeholders. That’s where a market research firm can help. With better knowledge of the market, you can pinpoint your audience with greater ease, allowing you to refine your IDN strategy.

Track and monitor results

Tracking and measuring data are also crucial to building a better strategy for integrated delivery networks. If you can’t track and measure data, then that’s a wasted opportunity. Rethink your strategy is wise if this is the case. By getting market intelligence analyses and research from market research providers, you can easily determine if your IDNs are having an impact or not. That’s going to help you pinpoint weaknesses in your implementation policies and to refine, tweak and adjust until you see better results.

Know the big picture

The move to value-based is will have a huge impact on your hospital as well, says the Pharma Exec. With syndicated market research from reputable firms, you have a clearer picture of what’s happening in the industry. That’s going to help you improve your IDN strategy as well, allowing you to refine your care process so you can make whatever changes or improvements are necessary.

Get better engagement

With a better strategy, you can look forward to higher engagement levels. That’s going to lead to positive results in your hospital’s bottom line.

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