Importance of Immediate Repair of Chimney Leak Rockville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


Excess moisture within the interiors of a residential building is usually undesirable. This is because they result in a lot of issues that will affect both the structural integrity of the home as well as the health of homeowners and their family. Excess moisture in the walls of a home will seriously damage or destroy the paint, paneling, wallpaper, and plaster. Moisture encourages the growth and spread of mold and causes wooden materials to rot leading to an infestation of rodents, termites, carpenter ants and other household pests.

Adverse Effects of Chimney Leaks

One of the ways moisture gets into the home is through a chimney leak. Chimney leaks have a lot of adverse effects on the home and should be repaired as quickly as possible. One of the many causes of chimney leaks includes faulty flashing. Flashings are very difficult to properly install, and they are likely to develop leaks and rust. If the waterproof seal placed on the flashing is not effective, it can result in chimney leaks which can cause lots of damage if not detected on time.

Deterioration of Mortar

In some cases, a Chimney Leak Rockville is caused by the deterioration of the mortar used in its construction. The stones or bricks used in constructing a residential building may last for a hundred years; however, the mortar lasts for less than 25 years. Once deterioration of the mortar sets in, moisture will begin to seep into the chimney and begin to weaken its structure. If the deteriorating mortar is not replaced immediately, the chimney will begin to lean and may eventually collapse.

Early Detection of Chimney Leaks

To ensure early detection of a Chimney Leak Rockville, homeowners are advised to engage the services of professional contractors to perform regular maintenance and inspection of their chimneys. These professionals are skilled in the detection and repair of chimney leaks and have a lot of experience in the chimney construction industry.

In cases where the chimney’s liner is cracked due to continuous thawing and freezing, the home has no protection against the heat in the chimney. The hot air circulates within the home and increases the probability of a fire. To prevent this, individuals should hire Reliable Roofers Inc to immediately repair their leaking chimneys.

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