Attic Insulation in Estero, FL Lowers the Cost of Energy

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Oct, 2017


While it is good to have an air conditioning unit installed that is energy efficient, you still need to take other measures too. For example, if you do not place insulation in your attic, your energy bills will still be high, even if you have an energy-efficient air conditioner installed.

That is why attic insulation in Estero, FL is recommended by HVAC professionals. If insulation is not installed in an attic, it can result in a large loss of energy. In fact, many people are surprised by the amount they save once they have the insulation installed.

For example, if your home is new or no more than ten years old, you can install attic insulation and save at least 20% annually by adding R-19 insulation. The R-value applied to insulation is a measure of heat flow resistance.

Other Factors to Consider

The higher the R-value of the insulation, the higher the resistance to heat flow. However, you still need to look at other factors in your choice of insulation. These factors include radiation, air infiltration, and convection, each of which are not part of an R-value measurement.

Therefore, an attic insulation system that is superior will possess a good R-value and avert the loss of heat through conduction. The material should nicely fill the cavity of a building, and should be condensed to keep heat from escaping through such means as air filtration and radiation. Click here for more info about attic insulation in Estero, FL.

Reduce the Sound in Your Home

Premium insulation also offers fire-resistant qualities, and prevents the transmission of loud sounds. As a result, your attic insulation needs to do more than simply carry a high R-value rating. It should be designed to add to a home’s comfort from a safety and sound standpoint as well.

If you want to find out more about insulation and its impact on home comfort, visit a website such as Work with an HVAC company that understands the value of energy efficiency from both a system and insulation standpoint.

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