Importance of Maintaining Your Auto Glass in Silver Spring MD

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Imagine you are driving, and a hailstone hits your windshield. It happens sporadically, but that is just the reality that there is a possibility of that occurrence. A crack blurs your view of the road: Not to mention that your automobile will be illegally running on state’s roads. Additionally, delaying to find the right dealers in Auto glass in Silver Spring MD can prove costly, for driving an automobile with a cracked windscreen is not only risky to you but also the passengers aboard.

Majorly, the sort of windscreen dictates the type kind of damage a hit can have. Laminate glasses are widely used for windshields because the plastic layer holding the two glasses prevent the glass from shattering. The effect creates the illusion of a snowflake.

Besides the snowflake effect, there are other sorts of windscreen damages that, as an automobile owner, you have to seek professional services for replacement.
Bull’s-Eye: As the name suggests, the crack appears like a bull’s eye. It results in a cone on the outer of the windscreen.

Star Break: This sort of damage has some sharp protrusions emanating from the central point of impact. Usually, it looks like a trampled spider.

Half Moon: It can be termed as a “premature” bull’s-eye, for it is a not a complete circle. The primary causes for this are small debris falling at an inclined angle.

Cracks: Cracks frequently affect the inner layer of the glass. It is usually a single or multiple lines cutting across the glass, usually because of frequent temperature changes.

Importance of Prompt Windshield Replacement

Your windscreen is what shields you from potentially harmful elements of the surrounding. Rocks, small debris, flying hard metals, balls among others. Scheduling for an appointment with Auto glass in Silver Spring MD will have your windscreen up a new again.

Snowflake cracks hinder a clear view of the road when you are driving. They are also a distracting element that takes away your focus on the road. For a safe drive, ensure to contact us so our professionals can handle the situation.

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