Where to Find the Best Transgender Services in Allentown

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2017


Finding adequate salon services for someone that is transgender is not as easy as it may seem. People that have just transitioned or are in the process of doing so have specific needs that some spa personnel may not understand.

It is sometimes difficult to even find a salon that is respectful and willing to spend the extra time to provide an adequate service. It is possible to find high-quality transgender services in Allentown with expert technicians that are happy to help everyone look their best.

Men Transitioning to Women

These clients often have a need for the most effective facial and body hair removal services available. Safe methods that are as painless as possible are necessary because there may be a substantial amount of removal needed. Many also want to learn more about permanent makeup, eyelash extensions and nail and pedicure services like any other female client.

Some may even need additional assistance or tips from the staff regarding their hair style, makeup application, and at-home skin care regimen. Expert advice regarding skin care is especially important for those just beginning estrogen treatments and experiencing problems like itchy skin, eczema or possibly even oily skin.

Women Transitioning to Men

Transgender males need skin care as well to help their skin adjust to the new stresses it is experiencing. This is particularly important as they begin to grow more facial and body hair and if a facial hair restoration procedure has taken place.

Many FTM transgender individuals also experience sudden acne problems and require assistance in getting it under control. Some may also request help in choosing masculine hair styles that suit their facial features.

Transgender Services in Allentown is a mix of the most common treatments and procedures that all clients request and a few added tips and extra care that some people need. It is possible to find respectful care from people that are excited to assist everyone as they put in the effort to look and feel as attractive and self-assured as possible. Schedule an appointment to see all the services available that make it easy for everyone to get the look they want.

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