Important Facts About Car Insurance In Monterey

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Mar, 2018


In California, all auto drivers are required to follow all insurance laws as directed by state laws. The state mandate is in effect to lower the need for lawsuits to collect compensation. Drivers have the choice to purchase a higher coverage level if they prefer. A local insurance agency offers important facts about Car Insurance in Monterey for all drivers.

How Much of Discount is Offered to Good Drivers?

Under California insurance code, drivers who maintain a safe driving record are entitled to a discount on their auto insurance premiums. According to the law, the insurance provides a twenty percent discount on the total premium price. According to the requirements for the discount, the drivers cannot have any moving violations, accidents, or a record of no insurance penalties.

Does California Offer Assistance for Deductibles?

Yes, the state offers a deductible waiver for all auto owners who purchase collision insurance coverage. The waiver takes effect when an accident is the fault of an uninsured motorist. When the claim is filed, the insurer covers the full cost of the auto owner’s deductible.

When Your Proof of Insurance Expires

The Department of Motor Vehicles issues intent to suspend registration letters to the owners when their proof of coverage has expired. All the auto owner has to do is send in a copy of their new insurance card to the agency. Once the DMV receives the new card, the office staff updates the owner’s file and their registration isn’t suspended.

What Requirements Apply to Teen Drivers?

All teens who wish to get their driver’s license must complete driver’s education programs. The drivers must utilize their permit for no less than six months before attempting to take their driver’s license. The teens must pass the road test according to the requirements of the state. The vehicle used for their test must be covered by at least the minimum coverage level.

In California, all auto drivers must maintain updated proof of their insurance coverage. It is recommended that all auto owners should keep an insurance card in their vehicle at all times. Proof of insurance is needed during traffic stops and when renewing their auto tag. Auto drivers who want to learn more about Car Insurance in Monterey contact Coast Auto Insurance today.

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