Important Information to Know Before Hiring an Auto Glass Company in Long Island

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jan, 2016


A windshield is an essential safety feature of that adds strength to the car during an accident and keeps the occupants from being ejected. A windshield is composed of two transparent pieces of glass that are held together with a vinyl resin. The vinyl resin keeps the glass in place and prevents the sharp glass shards from flying around during an impact. After these layers of glass have cracked, they can no longer withstand impact. This means that during an accident, the windshield could shatter and harm the occupants of the car. To ensure that a damaged windshield is replaced correctly, it is imperative to hire an experienced auto glass company. Here are some important details to know before hiring a licensed Auto Glass Company in Long Island.

How to Determine Whether a Windshield Needs Repair or Replacement

Not all windshields can be fixed. If it has a crack, chip or break, there are a few major aspects that will determine whether it will be repair or replaced.

*     Location of the damage: If a windshield has cracks at the edges, they can spread easily and will typically require a replacement. Additionally, a chip at eye level even when fixed can comprise the driver’s vision.

*     Severity and size of the damage: Cracks that are less than six inches and chips that are less than a quarter-size can be repaired. Damages that are larger or more significant often require a replacement.

*     Timing: Minor cracks and chips if not fixed early can become bigger causing more significant damage to the windshield.

Top Three Features of a Qualified Auto Glass Technician

*     Licenses and Insurance: Licensed auto glass professionals have fulfilled all the state requirements. They also carry adequate liability and workers compensation insurance to protect their workers and clients from damages that may occur in the event of an incident.

*     Highly Experienced: Auto glass repairs and replacements require great precision, which can only be achieved through practice and experience. Thus, it is essential to choose a company with highly experienced auto glass technicians.

     *     Certification: Certification reflects the extent of learning a person has in a given field. An auto glass technician with the necessary certifications can provide satisfactory auto glass services.

These are some essential details to know before hiring an auto Glass Company in Long Island. Contact us for info about professional auto glass repair and replacement services.

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