Reconstruction Service In Angola, Indiana Can Restore A Home

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


After fire, smoke or water damage, a home will need the appropriate Reconstruction Services in Angola Indiana, to return it to its original condition. Fire and smoke damage can create a very complex restoration project. Due to the smoke being capable of reaching every item in the home, it’s important everything is properly cleaned and sealed in order to eliminate the smoke smell in the home. The entire process is broken down into various sections for the best restoration available today.

The process will begin with pretesting to determine the damage and what can be restored versus what needs to be replaced. It will determine the most effective method of cleaning method and the condition of the building and contents before the damage occurred. Depending on the amount of the damage, a pack out may need to occur. A pack out is when occupants of a building are moved from the structure. This helps to make the reconstruction progress faster and improves the dry out of the structure as well as the contents.

When the pack out process starts, the Reconstruction Services in Angola Indiana, video and photograph the entire site. Any items that are removed will be catalogued and documented. Items that are salvageable will be tagged and packed carefully and transported to a warehouse. At the warehouse, they will be cleaned, deodorized, and repacked. All of the items will be placed in a climate-controlled area for safekeeping before being returned to the structure. Items may need to receive different types of cleaning such as dry, wet, foam, abrasive, or immersion cleaning. All of these cleanings will be carefully performed by an individual that will treat the item in a professional manner.

Electronic equipment can easily corrode when water reaches it. Smoke damage to electronics can lead to a hazardous condition if not properly cleaned. If electronic equipment cannot be properly cleaned, it will be replaced. The last part of the restoration process is odor removal throughout the structure. It is a necessary final step to properly complete a restoration project. For more information on restoring a home or business after damage has occurred, please feel free to visit .

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