In Search of a Good Cigar Lighter

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2015


Would you like to enjoy a really good cigar? If so, you won’t find the best ones behind the counter at your grocery store. Yes, fine cigars cost a little more, but you get so much more for your money. Plus, you’ll want to have a fine cigar lighter too, and here is why?

Got a Match?

Don’t you just hate it when someone spends good money on a fine cigar and then lights it with a match? It’s true, matches are very inexpensive and you can buy wooden or paper matches. However, they don’t work too well in wind and then there is the odor to consider. You don’t really want the stench of sulfur and phosphorus ruining the sweet bouquet and aroma of the perfect smoke, do you? It’s best to use a good cigar lighter to light your premium smoke.

How About a Candle?

Candles can be used when you have no other source. For example, your lighter may suddenly quit or you could run out of fluid. However, a candle should be considered as an emergency lighter only. Plus, don’t attempt to use one of those scented candles on your cigar, unless you want the cheap smell of vanilla, pumpkin, or some other inexpensive bathroom scent inside your fine cigar.

The Downside of Disposable Lighters

A standard disposable lighter will work, but it may take some time to light your cigar. Plus, you might not get the burn you desire and here is why. Your disposable lighter simply isn’t hot enough. It flame is about the same temperature as a match, which is around 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Now compare this to a modern day torch lighter with a flame over two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll see why torch lighters are preferred by most serious cigar smokers.

A Cigar Lighter with Heat

Most fine cigars have a significant ring gauge and it’s not like lighting a cigarette or small cigar. You need the intensity of a good torch lighter, and there are several in which to choose.

1. Coil Flame – the flame is passed through a coil and this helps to create a windproof cigar lighter.

2. Dual flame – sometimes called a twin torch. This is a good choice, as the dual flame makes it easier to light the larger cigars.

3. Triple flame – if 2 flames are good, then a cigar lighter with 3 must be better, right? Not exactly. In truth, 3 flames can be considered overkill, and may use up more fluid. However, as long as you pick a quality lighter meant for cigars, it’s hard to go wrong.

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