Industrial Painting Services in Oahu That Keep the Costs Trim and Compact Through Acrylic Application

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


Acrylic paints have a distinction as being “lesser” than a number of other painting alternatives. Acrylic is found in children’s painting books and in little bottles at the Wal-Mart. Are they really up for the task of a major industrial repainting? Yes, acrylics are. Clients should know a few limitations embedded in acrylic paint that are noteworthy. Industrial painting services in Oahu manage to keep costs competitively low by using acrylic if requested. The result is a fine job that gets it done while managing to be extremely affordable.

Acrylic is for customers who want the most affordable job done without settling for outright mediocrity or hiring a few unlicensed friends to do it. Despite this, waterborne acrylic is a perfectly satisfying paint option. This is even so for steel, which is the most commonly painted material in an industrial environment.

The common belief is that acrylics will cause the steel to rust. This may be so with poor quality acrylics that are not designed for industrial use (children’s paints). This is not the case for approved paints from Industrial Painting Services in Oahu. For one, the paints are designed to limit and inhibit rust development. Rust is caused from a combination of rust, salt, and water. The inhibitors are “released” as the paint is drying, thus limiting the development of rust during the most vulnerable period (the first few days).

There is also something called flash rusting. Flash rusting is the aftereffect of using poor paint and non-approved acrylics on steel. The result is a glazed rusty shine. It usually manifests as small rust spots that spoil the entire look. Specialists will formulate a mixture of acrylic and salt-based paints to omit any rust development. They will also apply it carefully upon the steel, making sure it is levelled-off evenly and not mixed with excessive water to promote rust.

David’s Custom Roofing & Painting Inc uses industrial-approved acrylic paints to complete the job at a fantastic price. The company also deploys other paint alternatives. The paint used is acrylic, but it is a far cry from the household paints used at home.

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