Removing Fleas With Proper Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


When a dog or cat contracts fleas, the pet owner is likely to be distraught in finding a solution to remove them from their pet’s fur effectively. Fleas are difficult to battle if proper steps are not taken to ensure the pet is treated properly. Here are some steps one can take to help their pet by eradicating a flea problem in its entirety.

Bring The Pet To A Veterinarian

It is a smart idea to bring a pet with fleas to a veterinarian to have a complete evaluation done of their medical condition. Often fleas will leave behind small welts which cause the pet to become itchy. These can also start bleeding if the pet continuously scratches or bites at the wounded areas. A veterinarian will recommend an appropriate treatment and provide medication to help in alleviating the problem if necessary.

Take A Trip to A Groomer

After a pet is treated by a veterinarian, a trip to a groomer may be beneficial in removing flea carcasses and any leftover eggs or larvae from the fur. The groomer will have the appropriate dog combs to remove this debris with ease. It is important to alert the groomer if a medication was used to kill fleas from the fur as their shampoo treatments could cause adverse reactions in the pet. If the pet did not have a treatment at the veterinarian’s office, then an appropriate flea-killing shampoo can be used during pet bathing in Alexandria VA.

Upkeep The Home To Avoid Repeat Exposure

It is best to take the time in treating the home to remove any fleas from carpeting and bedding so the pet does not become exposed again after their medication or shampoo wears away. Cloth items can be washed in hot water and dried on a high-heat setting to kill eggs. Vacuuming carpets will help remove live fleas. A flea bombing agent may need to be used in severely infested homes.

If a dog or cat’s owner discovers fleas on their pet, treating them promptly is best. Consider going to a facility that provides both a veterinarian and a facility for Pet Bathing in Alexandria VA. Browse our website and call today to schedule an appointment to alleviate the discomfort the pet is experiencing.

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