Interesting Adoption Facts From Your Adoption Attorney in Austin

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There are very few things in life which are more loving and beneficial than the decision to adopt a child. It is a daunting process which can frighten off some prospective parents, but the rewards in the end are always worth the challenges along the way. Here are some interesting facts for potential adoptive parents to consider when they are deciding if this is the right choice for them.

Adoption Laws Vary

Where you live will have a direct bearing on how an adoption process is handled. To make it even more challenging, these laws change frequently. To protect your rights and to be certain everything is appropriately handled, it is a good idea to always hire a qualified and reputable Adoption Attorney in Austin.

The Time Involved Varies

Just like the laws, how long the adoption can take to be finalized will vary. Some adoptions are fast and problem-free and can be finished in a few months. Other adoptive parents can experience waiting times which can lapse into years. Patience and a good attorney are important.

More Adoptive Parents are Needed

Nearly 20 percent of children in foster care will spend more than five years waiting to be adopted. Some children, over 30,000 each year, will never find a home and will age-out of the system. This means they will turn 18 before a family is ever found for them. Currently only 2 percent of American adults are adoptive parents.

Adopted Children Thrive

Multiple studies have shown that adopted children often score higher on assessments regarding their social skills and rank their well-being higher than non-adoptive children. Part of this may be that adoptive parents are known to dedicate more of their time to adopted children to make up for the lack of bonding and nurturing the children received before adoption.

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