Three Types of Stone Retaining Walls In Suffolk County You Can Build

Posted By : Alex , on Sep, 2014


If you want to improve the appearance of your yard, you need to look into installing Retaining Walls Suffolk County. Retaining walls allow you to terrace your property. They can also be used to distinguish between two different areas on your property. You want to use heavy stones in any retaining wall you build since your retaining wall will be holding back a lot of dirt.

Retaining walls can both functional and beautiful. Since your retaining wall will be holding back dirt, it is important to use heavy stones. Heavy stones will help prevent erosion by soil and water. Retaining walls should not be built taller than three feet. They should only be built higher than three feet if they are designed by an engineer.

Most retaining walls are built by stacking flat stones that are approximately the same weight and size together. This process of constructing a retaining wall is called dry fit. You can use a couple different types of stones to make a dry fit retaining wall with.

Faux stones are commonly used to construct retaining walls. Faux stones are great for constructing retaining walls because they come in standard sizes. You can even buy faux stones that lock together to create an extremely sturdy wall. Faux stones are made from concrete. They are also made to look like natural stones.

Limestone’s are also commonly used in retaining walls. Limestone’s are a good choice if you want to use a create a lighter colored retaining wall. However, limestone is very lightweight stones, so if you choose to use limestone, you need to use large stones. Large stones are needed in order to hold back the soil that will push on your retaining wall.

Granite is one of the best natural stones for building Retaining Walls Suffolk County. Granite creates a very beautiful looking wall. It tends to have an overall dark color along with some lighter grain scattered throughout. It is also a heavy stone and more than capable of holding back the soil behind it.

Retaining walls can improve the appearance of your garden. You can use faux stones, limestone or granite to create your retaining wall.

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