Is a Home Decorator Necessary for Your Washington, DC Remodeling Project?

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Apr, 2019


One of the biggest mistakes that a homeowner in the Washington, DC area can make is to assume that a home renovation, remodel or upgrade is limited by the shape, configuration, and design of the current space.

The addition of an experienced home decorator early in the planning stages of the renovation can be instrumental in order to change the flow of the room, the home or the area to create just the space you have always wanted.

To determine if a home decorator is the right match for your renovation or new home build, take a closer look at the following benefits these professionals bring to the project.

Creativity and Design Expertise

It is very challenging to look at a room and to see the possibilities and then turn that vision into reality. Homeowners can have a partial vision or a general idea, but knowing how to communicate that to builders and contractors or how to choose the materials to create that look is extremely challenging.

The interior designer brings that creativity and design experience to the project. They can listen to the homeowner, develop a plan and vision, and then ensure that vision is conveyed to the builders. It is also essential to select materials, color palettes and décor.

Ability to Work on a Budget

It would be wonderful if everyone in Washington, DC had an unlimited budget for remodeling. However, that is rarely the case. A home decorator can work with the budget to find the ideal options and develop a beautiful yet practical space.

Knowledge of Top Professionals

The interior designers at Zoë Feldman Design have experience working with different contractors in the area. We can make recommendations to top quality professionals we have worked with in the past, which streamlines projects and also helps to ensure we meet your budget.

For more information or to talk to one of our interior designers, call Zoë Feldman Design at 202-719-8062.

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