What Do Contact Lenses Do?

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Four eyes, geek, nerd, these are name-synonymous with people wearing glasses. Unfortunately this still exists today, but with contact lenses, the youth today can circumvent such name calling. Today’s lenses can do more than correct vision. They can help a person feel more confident about his or her appearance. An optometrist or a McBride Vision Clinic can tell the patient which type of lenses would suit him or her better. These lenses come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is made from different materials and serves different purposes.

To help someone see better there are corrective lenses which corrects the refractive error. The lenses serve the same purpose as normal corrective eyeglasses. Today’s technology has even given the color blind a reason to be happy. ChromaGen lenses have helped improve the color blind with their vision but have not been able to restore such a deficiency.

Sometimes there is damage done to the eye while playing sports or just some freak accident. Sometimes some people do not like the way their eyes appear. Often actors need to change the color of their eyes to land a big part in a movie. There are cosmetic lenses which alter the appearance of someone’s eye. These may also work to correct vision. Many people wear this type for costume purposes while others may wear them in lieu of medical reasons, such as a damaged lens or iris.

Therapeutic scleral lenses are used to treat people with injuries or diseases of the eye such dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is where the eye experiences decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation. Therapeutic soft lenses often used for non-refractive disorders of the eye. They assist in the management and treatment of such disorders. Therapeutic soft lenses can also be used to treat dry eye syndrome.

Care and maintenance of Contact Lenses is fairly simple. A routine replacement schedule is provided by an optometrist or a McBride Vision Clinic. The professionals also provide the patient with detailed instruction on how to care for the lenses. They will also provide instructions on how often the patient actually needs to wear them. A visit to the local McBride Vision Clinic can not only improve vision, but how someone feels about himself.

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