Is Your Business Covered? Business Insurance in Boston Can Protect Your Company

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All businesses must have some type of business insurance in Boston and although you may not think your company needs it, it does. There are quite a few advantages to carrying insurance and it will not cost too much out of pocket for you to add it into your budget. When choosing an insurance policy for your company, visit , you should look into the different types of coverage offered and then choose the best policy for your business’s needs. Consider the below types of insurance that your company can choose from.

Personal/Professional Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance that your business can have. This type of coverage is responsible for protecting your company against any claims that arise against it. These claims can be things for company errors, malpractice, negligence, and more.

In addition to professional liability, general liability helps cover a more broad term and this type of insurance will cover accidents on your property, slip and fall claims, and other types of negligence that arise. You will also find money to cover lawsuits in this area as well.

Product Liability

Product liability insurance is different than professional and general liability. This type of policy would cover anything related to a product and its conception, distribution, and more. Someone may file a claim against your company stating the product injured them and this type of coverage would kick in and protect you.

Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is important to have because it protects your place of business and anything that may occur to it including damage from storms, fire, wind, and theft. Some policies will even help cover your company’s transportation.

Get Business Insurance Today

It is important that you carry business insurance in Boston. Insurance helps protect your company, yourself, and any of your assets. Without a policy, you will find yourself subject to lawsuits and paying out of your own pocket for them.

If you are looking for a quote, contact Sawyer Insurance Agency Inc Boston today. They have many years of experience managing and handling insurance policies and claims.

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