Maintain a Comfortable Home With Heating in Carlisle

Posted By : admin , on Jul, 2014


When it comes to the warmth and comfort of your family you have several options and one of the most common methods of Heating in Carlisle is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This method of heating uses a centralized furnace unit which pushes the heated air through the building with a blower motor. You may know this method of whole home heating as forced air or central heat. Some of its major benefits include the ability to heat every room in the house and a consistent temperature throughout the building.

The furnace comes in two different types. The first of these is a gas based unit which can burn either natural gas or propane. It requires special adaptation when used in a propane environment to handle the different density of this gas, but the function is the same. The other furnace type uses electrical resistance for generating heat. In this system there is an electric coil which heats the air around it. The resultant heat is then transferred throughout the various rooms of the home. The efficiency of electric furnaces has often been questioned, but modern HVAC appliances have improved quite a bit putting them closer to gas based heating units.

Another popular option for Heating in Carlisle is the heat pump system. A heat pump works by taking heat from one area and transferring it to another. In the case of the household heat pump that heat can come from either the atmosphere or residual heat stored in the ground. Which you select may depend on where you live. In areas where the climate is very cold it may be preferable to extract the heat from the ground for a more consistent warmth.

Some of the most important considerations when using Heating in Carlisle is cleaning and maintenance. Your heating system should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure the most efficient use and it should be serviced before it is put to work on eliminating that winter cold. If the unit has lain dormant for several months it should be tested by a specialist to ensure it won’t fail under the strain. Click here

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