Is Your Car a Lemon?

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


Purchasing a vehicle whether it is new or used is a huge investment and decision. Since the vehicle is considered to be a major asset it stands to reason that you’ve spent months researching different makes and models, test driving potential vehicles, and defining your final choice for a vehicular purchase. It’s hard work that provide you with the reward of driving the car of your dreams. However, what if that new car isn’t exactly everything you thought it would be? A lot of times manufacturers will sell vehicles that don’t meet ‘new car’ standards. You could end up purchasing a car that needs numerous and repeated repairs due to problems that recur are and have given the vehicle the title as being a lemon. The state of Oklahoma has laws in place that force manufacturers who produce lemons to fix the problem.

Is Your Car Covered Under the Oklahoma Lemon Law?

You will receive broad protection under the lemon law in Oklahoma. This protection extends to nearly all passenger vehicles that are registered within the state with a few limited exceptions. The exceptions include vehicles that weigh over 10,000 pounds and are a portion of a ‘living’ motor home. In order for a vehicle to be considered an actual lemon it must suffer from a substantial impair that keeps the owner from being able to use the vehicle, or the impair must substantially reduce the value of the automobile.

Get Further Protection from Federal Lemon Laws

Even if your car doesn’t meet the specific lemon law standards, you can still obtain relief through the Federal lemon law. The actual Federal law goes beyond the protection offered by lemon law enforced in Oklahoma. In fact, the Federal lemon law provides protection for all vehicles no matter how much they weigh, as well as appliances, household goods and electronics. For more information contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® or visit

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