Keep Kitchens Safe With Fire Sprinkler Systems in Waterloo IA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


To keep everyone in the kitchen safe, it’s important to have the right fire safety equipment installed. Federal law requires several types of equipment as well as fire doors and other escape equipment. To keep everyone safe, Fire Sprinkler Systems in Waterloo IA must be installed over any equipment that may be a fire hazard. In restaurants, this could include almost every appliance being used. With the help of fire control service providers, it’s much easier to make sure all the proper equipment is installed and properly maintained.

Fire extinguishers are the most common type of fire safety equipment. All businesses are required to have them placed within a certain distance of each other. More importantly, extinguishers are required to be charged and ready to use at all times. If extinguishers aren’t installed and maintained the business owner could face fines. Depending on the type of business and the type of equipment being used, a different kind of extinguisher may be needed.

Fire Sprinkler Systems in Waterloo IA are meant to contain larger fires that extinguishers can’t handle. Grills and stoves are required to be protected by a sprinkler system. At least once per year, the sprinkler system will need to be tested to make sure it automatically activates when a fire starts. If the system isn’t inspected and certified it might not work in an emergency. The business owner would be fined and the location would have to shut down until certification can be reinstated.

Service providers such as Iowa Fire Control in Waterloo IA can help business owners make sure they have all the right equipment installed for their kitchen. Hiring a service provider to make sure fire safety equipment is installed and ready to use in an emergency not only keeps everyone in the building safer, but it also makes the whole certification process much easier. Service providers can help schedule maintenance and inspections to keep certifications up to date and make sure business owners are fined. When it comes to fire safety, it’s best to move sooner rather than later to avoid a devastating emergency or some very hefty fines.

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