Keeping Wild Animals Out Of Trash When Waiting For Garbage Removal In Rochester NY

by | Dec 3, 2015 | Recycling


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When trash is out at the curb waiting for pickup, there is always a risk of wildlife knocking down the cans in an attempt to get a food source from inside. There are several steps one can take to minimize the chance of their trash being strewn around. Here are some tips that can be used to keep animals out of trashcans.

When a new trash bag is placed into a garbage can in the home, the interior can be sprayed with a mixture of vinegar and water before throwing anything inside. When the bag is tied and ready to place in a garbage can, it can be placed into another bag first to help mask any odor. Spraying and double-bagging each batch of trash will help eliminate odor, making the trash less likely to be an attraction to wildlife. The interior of the garbage cans should be cleaned out regularly to reduce the amount of odor inside. If garbage spills into the can it should be cleaned out immediately after the discovery.

Place some bricks or cinder blocks on the top of the garbage can lids to make them harder to get inside. This will help keep smaller animals from crawling inside trash ready for garbage removal in Rochester NY. Larger animals may try to knock the entire can over. Try using a bungee cord to keep the lid in place to stop trash from spilling out of the can if it is jostled down to the ground.

When trash is being stored between pickups, place it in an enclosed area like a garage or shed. Consider placing a small radio by the trash cans to help keep wildlife away from them when they are out at the curbside. Motion detecting lighting or small spotlights in the area of the trashcans can help keep animals from getting too close.

If someone has further concerns about wildlife and Garbage Removal in Rochester NY, they can call a removal service to ask for additional tips. Someone would be available to address all questions and they may be able to provide the caller with some garbage can choices that would work best in their area.

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