Essential Information About Grain Augers in Oregon

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Dec, 2015


Augers are the most common method of handling feed and grain on farms. A typical auger consists of a solid shaft contained within a large tube, with a flat steel spiral surrounding it. As the spiral turns in a counter-clockwise direction, grains are pushed up, and pushed into the shaft before being deposited into a hopper. The hopper then uses gravity to deposit grains into grain wagons, trucks and grain storage bins. Grain augers are portable devices, making them easy to transport using wheels attached at the bottom. They are suitable for both small-scale and large-scale farmers. Here are some important details to know before buying augers in Oregon area.

How to Choose the Right Grain Auger

The quality of grain augers varies greatly. Quality is usually reflected in reliability and useful life, though it may also affect capacity. Less costly augers have bearings at the drive end only. If operated empty, these augers may wear out excessively as the spiral contacts the case. Augers that are more expensive have bearings at both ends, and intermediate bearings along the shaft. They usually have a heavier casing and flighting. The life and reliability of an auger can be increased by choosing large diameter augers or U-trough augers, and operating them a low speed.

Auger Inspection and Maintenance

Grain augers are used for short periods of the year, when grains are ripe and ready to be transported or stored. According to the National Agriculture Safety Database, it is important to perform an annual pre-season maintenance of a grain auger. This maintenance entails lubricating moving parts and a safety inspection to ensure that all parts are functional.

Safety Considerations When Using a Grain Auger

Grain augers represent one of the safety hazards on farms. To prevent accidents when using augers:

     *      Ensure all auger drive assemblies have safety shields.

     *      Cover all auger intakes with a grate to keep the feet, hands or clothing from contacting the auger flighting.

     *      Do not use unloading augers when a person is in a grain bin.

     *      Always disconnect power to the unloading auger before entering the grain bin.

These are just some of important details to know before buying Augers in Oregon. For additional details about grain augers, and how to contact a certified supplier, visit

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