Lawn Care in Westport CT And Fighting Weeds

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2019


Thorough Lawn Care in Westport CT involves weed management. Weeds grow at an alarming rate and can quickly overcome a lawn. A homeowner can use several different methods in their fight against weeds. Once weeds have been eliminated, it’s much easier to keep the yard free of weeds.

Chemical Solutions

Some property owners turn to chemicals to help with their Lawn Care in Westport CT. While chemicals do work to kill weeds, healthy grass might get caught in the crossfire. A homeowner could end up with ugly patches in their grass if they misuse weed-killing chemicals. Using chemicals to kill weeds that are in flower beds usually isn’t a problem if the flowers aren’t already planted. Anyone who wants professional help with weeds should contact a company like Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc.

Starting Early Enough

A homeowner shouldn’t wait until the last minute to get started on their weed control. When the weather starts to heat up, weeds need to be eradicated. It’s best to get a handle on weeds before too many grow. That means a homeowner needs to start weed control in the early spring. A person needs to monitor their lawn and act quickly once any weeds are noticed.

Manually Removing Weeds

One surefire way to eliminate any weeds in a yard is to manually remove them. Manually removing weeds is tough work. That’s because weeds need to be eliminated by the roots. If the root is left behind, the weed will just blossom again. Anyone who is going to manually remove weeds needs a pair of gardening gloves to help protect their hands. Having a small tool to dig with makes pulling the weeds up even easier. Some people spend hours manually removing weeds. The time that a person needs to spend doing the work will depend on how bad their weed problem is.

For some yards, weeds really aren’t a problem. A person could get lucky and have relatively few weeds in their yard. Other times, homeowners have to continually fight off weeds. A homeowner who has a weed problem should seriously consider using a professional landscaper.

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