Learning About Transmission Repairs In Arizona

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2018


Transmission repairs in Arizona are among the most expensive auto services. There are several reasons for this including the many components in manual and automatic transmissions. Indeed, a lot of labor goes into transmission work. Further, computers are used in most automatic transmissions to shift gears. Therefore, most repair shops have to hire mechanics that specialize in transmissions. Here are a few tips consumers should know to avoid expensive repairs.

Do Not Put Off The Inevitable

Transmission repairs in Arizona are more expensive if the driver ignores the warning signs. First, cars should not hesitate when one shifts gears. If this happens, there is an underlying reason. Next, listen for strange sounds coming from the transmission. Manual cars often give off clunking sounds when the transmission is going bad. On the other hand, one may hear humming or buzzing with an automatic.

Look For The Obvious

Many transmission issues occur because there are fluid leaks. Indeed, automatic transmissions need fluid to work properly. The fluid cleans and lubricates the transmission and keeps it in tip-top shape. Look on the garage floor for a red, sweet-smelling liquid. It’s probably transmission fluid. Vehicles with burnt fluid should have the transmission flushed. Additionally, drivers can have the fluid levels checked at a local garage.

Grinding sounds are not normal in any vehicle. Unfortunately, the gears in manual transmissions grind against each other when the vehicle needs repair. Further, a grinding sound may indicate a clutch problem. Repairs will cost more if consumers ignore these sounds.

Use Your Nose

A burning smell could indicate a large problem. Often, transmission fluid overheats and breaks down. If this happens, the parts are not being lubricated, and the car should be taken in right away. Sometimes, a vehicle refuses to move after the gear shifts. This does not always mean the transmission is gone. Frequently, a part of the transmission needs to be replaced. Remember, in automatic cars, a computer problem could always be the problem. The most important lesson is to take the vehicle to a repair shop at the first sign of trouble. Technicians say visit us to make sure your transmission is healthy.

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