Three Types of Issues Covered by Jewelry Insurance in Monroe MI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Owning valuable jewelry can be truly rewarding, but it also comes with some serious responsibilities. Failing to obtain an appropriate type and level of jewelry insurance in Monroe MI can end up putting precious, expensive assets at risk. While homeowners insurance will generally cover certain types of losses up to particular limits, taking out specialized coverage for jewelry will often be advisable.

Pickup Up Where Homeowners Policies Leave Off

Most homeowners insurance policies encompass many different types of coverage, from the protection that activates upon damage to the property itself to support when claims of personal liability arise. The average homeowner’s policy will include a limited amount of coverage for particularly valuable items like jewelry, but only under certain circumstances.

As a result, some jewelry owners in the area each year find themselves lacking coverage that they had thought was available. Specialized jewelry insurance in Monroe MI will cover a full range of possible circumstances, including common problems like:

  • Loss – Jewelry is always at its best when being worn, but that means exposing it to the threat of loss. Whether a necklace suddenly lets loose and falls into a body of water or an earring detaches without attracting notice, there are many ways to lose even the most valued and meaningful of jewelry. Policies that are designed to specifically cover jewelry will almost always include generous coverage for such events.
  • Theft – Valuable jewelry can be tempting to thieves and burglars, particularly insofar as it often so compact relative to its worth. Once again, specialized jewelry insurance available in the area will cover theft under any conceivable circumstances, whether it happens when out and about or after a home is ransacked by criminals.
  • Damage – Many types of jewelry are delicate, and that is often part of what makes them so beautiful. At the same time, this can leave jewelry vulnerable to damage that only a specialized policy will be likely to cover.

Easy to Obtain and Priceless to Have Available

Visit us, and it will be seen that obtaining an appropriate type of jewelry insurance does not need to be difficult. Having coverage in force will make it even easier to enjoy jewelry with confidence and peace of mind.

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