Lesser Known Reasons to Visit a Physical Therapist in West Fargo, ND

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


Most professional and amateur athletes have, at some point in their careers, required the help of a Physical Therapist in West Fargo ND for help treating or preventing sports injuries. However, athletes are far from the only group of people who can benefit from visiting a physical therapist. Read on to find out more about some of the other conditions physical therapists can treat.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Fibromyalgia is a condition marked by sometimes excruciating pain, sleep disorders, depression, and difficulty concentrating. Those suffering from the condition typically experience flare-ups due to personal triggers, which is where a physical therapist might come in. These professionals are adept at developing treatment plans to help their patients combat their pain without risking triggering flare-ups.

Arthritis Treatment

Physical therapists specialize in joints and muscles, so it should be obvious that they can help patients manage symptoms of arthritis. However, many patients who suffer from arthritis have never even considered scheduling a consultation. This is a mistake, as physical therapists can help their patients increase their range of motion while simultaneously minimizing the pain caused by arthritis and helping to build overall fitness.

Repetitive Use Conditions

Carpal tunnel syndrome is arguably the most commonly known repetitive use condition, but it is far from the only one. In fact, just about any daily activity can trigger flare-ups in those suffering from these kinds of conditions, limiting patients’ ranges of motion and causing sometimes severe pain. Physical therapists can teach their patients exercises and stretches specifically designed to strengthen these muscles and minimize the chances of a flare-up.

Fall Prevention

Older adults and patients who suffer from balance disorders often find themselves at increased risk of falling and injuring themselves. Physical therapists can help those at risk to develop a comprehensive fall prevention plan. This might involve making modifications to the home environment and learning about the systems responsible for keeping the body upright.

Get Started Today

The first step toward receiving adequate treatment is to schedule a consultation with a specialist who can help. Need to find a qualified Physical Therapist in West Fargo ND, but not sure where to turn? Visit Rehabauthority.com for information about one local care provider.

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