What has to be Handled by a Waterproofing Contractor in Ottawa, IL

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2018


There are many applications for waterproofing in the construction industry, but perhaps one of the most common needs for waterproofing is in the home improvement arena. So often, homeowners will have large spaces in a basement that are relatively unusable due to moisture issues. Whether these issues are small with higher humidity levels than the rest of the house, or if it’s a basement that routinely floods, a Waterproofing Contractor in Ottawa, IL can come in quite handy.

Grading and Gutters

Moisture issues are often the result of poor water run off, sometimes due to property grading. Other times, it could simply be an issue with a gutter system. In some cases, french drains may have to be installed around the home, especially if the home is in low lying areas, to prevent water from coming into the basement.

Foundation Cracking

However, sometimes, cracks in the walls or the floor of the basement will allow small amounts of moisture to creep into the basement. This could be the reason for higher levels of humidity. In these cases, filling the cracks with special epoxy resin will help to halt the moisture incursion and lower humidity levels to near normal.

Big Problems

There are times where the water incursion is significant, and in these cases, not only will the interior of basement walls need to be sealed with a special water sealer, the exterior of the walls may need to be waterproofed as well. In these situations, the work can be quite significant.

The entire exterior of the basement walls may need to be exposed. From here any repairs that need to be made to the walls can be carried out by a Waterproofing Contractor in Ottawa, IL. Once this is done, an exterior waterproof membrane can be installed. This process, along with interior waterproofing sealants, should stop small or huge water incursions from happening in the future.

If you have been having a moisture issue with your home, and that issue is hindering you from using the basement as you would like, it may be time to fix the problem. For a detailed estimate of the problems causing your basement issues and what will need to be done to fix the problem, you may want to contact Davis Concrete Correctors. You can call them, or to learn more, you can Click Here.

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