Looking for Wood Flooring in Waco TX?

Posted By : Alex , on Jul, 2014


Wood flooring in Waco TX is the new trend these days. It looks warm and inviting, but is actually cooler for the home than carpet, which helps with those electricity bills. Hardwood and bamboo are the two wood flooring choices available. At Waco Carpet Company, Hardwood is made from various timber types and bamboo is derived from bamboo plants. They look great in bedrooms, hallways and living areas. The gleam of a polished wood floor is pleasing to the eye and can raise the resale value of a home.

There are several different wood floor styles. There are finished and unfinished with several different types of finishing options. Unfinished wood is ideal if you are trying to match existing wood floors in other areas of your home. The installer will supply the unfinished wood and match the stain to your existing floor before installing and finishing the new floor. Water-based finishes are the best because they will resist discoloration over time and are very durable. Darker stains give the appearance of aged wood, so if you have a ranch style or Victorian style home, this would be a good choice. Lighter stains go well in cottage designs or more modern homes. It is really a matter of personal taste and style though.

Caring for your wood floor is simply a matter of vacuuming with your vacuum set on low/bare floors or running a slightly damp dust mop over them. Only use wood floor approved cleaners and then not very much. Just a light mist before running the dust mop over it. Place area rugs in higher traffic areas to prevent wear. Use solar paneled curtains to prevent sun rays from fading your floor. Put pads underneath the legs of all furniture to prevent marks on your floors. Mats placed outside and just inside doors can prevent dirt from being tracked onto wood flooring.

It may take a little extra time to clean a wood floor, but it is worth it. With that little bit of extra care, they will last a long time. Their rich appearance gives any home a look of elegance. Get online and visit the website for wood flooring in Waco TX to get an idea of all the different wood flooring and designs available.

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