Maintaining Gutters in Colorado Springs

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


When someone owns their own home, they will want to take the time to properly maintain their gutter system so it works properly to redirect water away from the foundation. Maintaining Gutters in Colorado Springs is a fairly easy job that can be done by the homeowner on their own. Here are some of the steps one should follow when maintaining their home’s gutter system.

Know The Timing

It is a good idea to do gutter maintenance twice a year to make sure it is free from damaged portions and excessive debris build-up. Doing maintenance before wintertime will allow the gutter to be repaired in anticipation of ice or snow build-up. Springtime the gutter system should be checked so any damage sustained from precipitation can be repaired promptly.

Clean The Gutters

The gutter system should be free of debris so water can flow through the system without obstruction. When debris is present, water may pool up, possibly pushing its way under the shingles on the roof. This can lead to excessive damage.

The homeowner can get on a ladder to look into their gutter system. Any leaves, sticks, moss and dirt can be removed using gloved hands. This material can be put into a bucket and then dumped in a wooded area, placed in a compost pile, or set out for gardening recycling.

The gutter system should then be scrubbed using a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. The gutter system can then be rinsed with a garden hose. This will help the homeowner to find areas needing repair.

Repair The Gutters

To repair gutters, caulk will need to be applied directly to cracked portions. If there are larger holes or rips in a gutter, it can be patched using flashing or the entire piece can be replaced. If the gutters is drooping or pulling away from the home, it can be made more sturdy by using gutter brackets.

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