Make Travel Easier With Puppy Boarding In Brooklyn Park, MN

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Mar, 2019


Having a puppy is a lot of fun. They are entertaining, active and provide an immense amount of love and companionship from the first day they move into your home and your heart.

However, it is not easy to leave a puppy in the house when you have to travel. People living in the Brooklyn Park, MN, area have the option of choosing a highly rated and very professionally managed and operated puppy boarding facility.

These facilities offer puppies a great experience. They have their own private area to sleep, but they also have the option to be exercised with other puppies and dogs in the doggy daycare side of the facility. This keeps puppies of all stages of growth engaged and socialized, an important part of developing a well-mannered dog that is friendly and non-aggressive with other dogs.

Why Home Sitters Are Not a Great Option

One of the important factors to consider in choosing puppy boarding over a home pet sitting service is the ability to care for the puppy. A pet sitter only comes in a few times a day and provides food, exercise, and attention. In between visits, the puppy is on his or her own, which means being crated or confined to a small area of the house.

Unfortunately, puppies are usually also not housetrained, and expecting them to go long periods of time between trips outside can lead to accidents. It can also confuse puppies, setting back housetraining and creating more challenges for the owners when they are back from their travels.

Choosing a top puppy boarding facility in Brooklyn Park, MN, provides the best possible option. The staff can continue to work on housetraining and even basic training, while the puppy has all the benefits of socialization, lots of exercise, and lots of space to run, play and have fun while you are away.

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